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The Ultimate Karaoke Experience

Zipper Karaoke was founded by Tony Rois in 2008.  Tony started creating his own karaoke tracks for songs that were hard to find in the karaoke world, mostly by using backing tracks he was able to find on the internet and from musician friends. In 2011, Tony started dating Fred Blair and together they decided to start a karaoke show of their own. They started at now defunct Side Street Bar in Wichita, KS.  In 2014, they moved their show to Our Fantasy in Wichita until it closed in 2015.  Then they moved to Club Boomerang and were there till 2018.  They've also booked several DJ/Karaoke gigs outside of the bar scene.  Fred & Tony were married in November 2017.  They are currently taking a break from the bars but are available for private parties. 

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Tony and Fred are both very passionate about karaoke.

Here are some of the things you will and won’t find at our shows:

- If we're hosting a karaoke show at a club, we do not play dance music breaks.  We only play karaoke from the start to the end of our show. When at a dance bar, nobody would go up to the DJ and request a karaoke song!   Nobody should expect us to play a dance song during a karaoke show either.  If we are at a private party and the host wants music, karaoke or both, we are happy to oblige.


- We start on time whether there are singers or not.

- We have a great selection of songs including some songs that we’ve created ourselves that nobody else has. We also are committed to keeping our selections current. 


- Great sound system!  Our goal is to make the singer sound good.  We adjust the vocal and music volume to make it right!


-  No contests.  We find that contests put the crowd against each other and can create a hostile environment.  Sure, they attract new people who come in just for the contests, However, after the contest is over, we never see those people again and our regular customers aren’t happy.  We keep it light and fun.


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Tony Rois

Tony has been involved with music all his life.  He plays piano, write songs, and is a musician on the praise team at Table of Hope MCC.  He sang for a Jazz Enemble at Iowa State University, Heartland Men's Chorus in Kansas City, and Air Capital Chorus in Wichita, KS.  His love is karaoke and he has created many karaoke tracks from backing tracks he's collected on the internet and received from friends.

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Fred Blair

Fred Blair has also been involved with music for many years.  He grew up playing in band and orchestra and plays piano.  He's currently a deacon at Table Of Hope MMC and sings on the praise team.  He's discovered his love for karaoke when he met Tony.

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